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LINKŪ Saddle Prosthesis

The LINK® Saddle Prosthesis was developed in 1979 by Prof. Nieder et al at the famous Endo-Klinic in Hamburg, Germany.

Known as the Endo-Model® Mark I it was a one-piece femoral stem with a crutch-shaped saddle. The model underwent further development in 1987, resulting in a saddle prosthesis with axial rotation known as the Endo-Model® Mark II.

The LINK® Endo-Model® Mark II Saddle Prosthesis consists of a symmetrical, saddle-shaped proximal component which articulates directly with a notch in the ilium. This saddle straddles the notch in the bone with the medial horn lying inside the pelvis and the lateral horn outside.

The saddle component is seated on the post of the respective base component. Located between the base component and the saddle component is a UHMWPE sleeve which allows low friction movement between these two Chrome Cobalt components.

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