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LINK® Lubinus SPII Primary Hip System

The LINK® Lubinus SPII® Hip Stem was developed in 1978 in Kiel, Germany and has been available as a modular system since 1984, it has proven itself in 20 years to be one of the most successful cemented hip stems available.

These excellent results have been recognised in ODEP awarding it a 10A rating and have been supported time and again by the publications of the Swedish Hip Registry.

The latest figures on the long-term results of the LINK Lubinus SPII hip are available in the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register Annual Report 2009.

It reports a survival rate of 94.5% at 18 years based on 70,870 implantations at a number of centres over the reporting period.

The figures show that the most commonly used implant for cemented hip replacement in Sweden is also the most reliable.

Outstanding features of the SPII® Hip System:

• Minimal bone removal

• Built-in anteversion

• Anatomically shaped stem

• Uniform cement mantle around the stem A/P & M/L

• Large collar support

• Secure reproducible implantation technique

• Modular

• Revision stems available – 200, 250, 300 and 350mm

• Three neck angles 117, 126, 135

• Four head-neck lengths and 2 offset options


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Waldemar Link GmBh & Co. KG
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