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LINKŪ MP Hip Reconstruction Prosthesis

The LINK® MP™ Reconstruction Prosthesis is a modular cementless femoral stem for the revision of failed hip stems particularly in case of extensive proximal bone defects.

The LINK® MP™ system consists of: Distal Fixation Stem, Neck Segments, Proximal Spacers for leg length adjustment, Prosthesis Head and Torque Bolt for fixation.

LINK® MP™ Reconstruction Prosthesis:

·       Distal, uncemented stem fixation

·       Distally tapered stem shape ensures secure fixation

·       Rotational stability due to longitudinal ribs on distal stem

·       POWERLOCK – unique neck / stem junction with no reported failures – allows for intra-operative changes and results in a much smaller lever arm compared with more distal morse taper junctions.

·       Angle of 3 degrees in the upper stem segment facilitates implantation and counteracts rotational forces

·       Microporous or HX® (calcium phosphate)-coated surfaces promote bone integration

·       Intraoperative lateralisation and correction of anteversion with modular neck segments

·       Intraoperative leg length correction after stem fixation of up to 30mm using Proximal Spacers

·       Femoral heads made from Cobalt-Chromium Alloy metal or Aluminium Oxide Ceramic of varying diameters and lengths

·       Straightforward implantation technique with “step-by-step” instrumentation


Medium term follow-up series using a modular distal fixation prosthesis to address proximal femoral bone deficiency in revision total hip arthroplasty. A 5 to 9 year follow up study.

“We found 92% overall survival rate, average Harris Hip Score past 2 years of 67 and average Oxford Hip Score past 5 years of 43. We found no implant failure or loosening.”

MP™ Reconstruction Hip Stem
Hip International Vol. 17 NO. 3, 2007 –PP. 143-149

Supporting documents

MP - FLYER - 1.1 (PDF)  - 564 Views

MP - NEW - 1.1 (PDF)  - 459 Views

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Waldemar Link GmBh & Co. KG
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