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LINK® Endo-Model Rotational and Hinge Knee

The LINK® Endo-Model® Rotational Knee Prosthesis is indicated for use in patients with joint instability.

Since its introduction in 1979, the LINK® Endo-Model® Rotational Knee Prosthesis has proven itself in over 150,000 cases worldwide and has been the market leading rotating hinge implant on the National Joint Registry since 2005 (NJR Annual Report 2012). 

Endo-Model® Rotational Knee Key Features:

•       Over 30 years clinical history - “Good to excellent results were seen in 91% of knees and survival at 15 years was 96.1%” Medium term results with a primary cemented rotating hinge total knee replacement - A 7 to 15 year follow-up JBJS 2004; 86-B-813-17

•       Suitable for Complex Primary TKR, Revision TKR and Distal Femoral/Proximal Tibial Fracture procedures

•       Over 150,000 implanted in over 50 countries

•       Reproducible and simple implantation technique

•       Minimal combined bone resection of 14mm from joint-line, therefore valuable bone stock preserved

•       Built in 6° Valgus angle

•       3° hyper-extension

•       Up to 165° flexion

•       Stable in extension with up to 45° internal and external rotation in flexion

•       Physiological pivot point and axial rotation achieve natural range of motion

•       Axial rotation protects tibial stem anchorage

•       Unique Anti-luxation device for extra implant security

•       Basis of Modular Endo-knee and Megasystem C systems for more complex primary and revision scenarios

Endo-Model® Total Hinge Knee Key Features:

•       Indicated in cases of significant bone loss and ligament instability with intact functional extensor mechanism

•       Due to identical resection, the decision between Rotational Knee and Hinge Knee Prostheses is possible intraoperatively



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