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LINKŪ SLED Uni-Compartmental Knee

The LINK® Endo-Model® Sled Prosthesis is suitable for patients with minor bone destruction and a largely intact ligament structure in the knee.

Long-term results over three decades prove the unrivalled success of the LINK® St. Georg™ and Endo-Model® Sled Knee Joint Prosthesis.

The Swedish Knee Arthroplasy Register Annual Report 2008 showed 92% survival at 10 years in 3948 implantations for the SLED Knee Prosthesis.

LINK® Endo-Model® Sled Prosthesis

• Minimal bone resection with no distal femoral cuts

• Full physiological range of motion

• Short rehabilitation time

• Optimal implant/cement bonding due to globular structure on the inside surface of the prosthesis

• Tibia plateaus made of UHMW Polyethylene with and without metal tray

• Minimally invasive implantation technique possible

“Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Did Not Differ From Total Knee Replacement With Regard To Clinical Outcome At 15 Years”.

A randomisd study comparing the St Georg SLED UKR versus Kinematic Modular TKR
JBJS Volume 91-A. Number 8 August 2009

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Waldemar Link GmBh & Co. KG
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