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LINKŪ Modular Endo-Rotational Knee

The LINK® Modular Endo-Rotational and Hinge Knee System compliments the LINK® Endo-Model Rotating and Fixed Hinge range.

Indications for the system are the primary unstable knee, major revisions, joint deformities and peri-prosthetic fractures.

This is achieved with a variety of femoral and tibial augments and cementless or cemented stems of various lengths and diameters.


LINK® Modular Endo-Rotational and Hinge Knee System:

• Hinge Knee or Rotating Knee options

• Cemented and Uncemented Stems in lengths 50-280mm

• Titanium Alloy Augments to replace femoral bone defects from 20mm to 160mm

• Titanium and UHMWPE Augments to replace tibial bone defects from 5mm to 120mm

• Up to 165 degrees of joint flexion

• High stability in extension
• Elastic rotatory force transmission (overrun brake) by design to protect the fixation

• Minimal bone resection: only 14mm resection in the tibio-femoral joint plane for primary indications

• Straightforward implantation



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Waldemar Link GmBh & Co. KG
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