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LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup

The LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup System was designed for biologically young and active patients and is the latest generation in cementless press-fit cup design.

The LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup System has been proven with excellent results in the Swedish Hip Register Report 2009 with 97% survival at 5 years.

It has also shown excellent results in the Italian RIPO Register with 95.8% survival at 8 years - RIPO Registry Report 2009

T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup Features:

  • Medio-ventral cut-out to allow greater range of motion and protection of psoas tendon and femoral nerve
  • Circular segmental rows of teeth at the cup equator increase primary fixation
  • Metal casing with pre-drilled holes for additional fixation if required
  • Secure fixation of polyethylene insert to metal casing using a "snap-lock" mechanism
  • Anti-luxation and standard polyethylene liners
  • Metal casing coated in Hx® Calcium Phosphate allowing optimal primary and secondary implant fixation

Supporting documents

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Waldemar Link GmBh & Co. KG
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